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  • Reiki Practitioner: Reiki 1
  • Reiki Practitioner: Reiki 2
  • Reiki Practitioner: Reiki 3
  • Reiki Certification


Reiki Certification with Master Kataka Gara


Learn the ancient art and science of Reiki Mastery

Can you imagine starting a new carrer helping others?

Did you know that Reiki Practitioners can make up to $500 per hour?

Maybe you are looking for a fresh start…

Or maybe you want to learn this ancient art that has been passed down the line for centuries!

YOU can become a Reiki Master TODAY!

Hi, I’m Master Kataka Gara

I’ve been teaching Reiki for over 30 years, and have developed an advanced Reiki certification program called the Integrative Healing technique…

The Integrative Reiki Mastery Method Course (IRMM), is an innovative, cutting-edge curriculum which I have developed over 25 years.

This course is excellent for beginners, as well as Reiki students who have previously obtained any Reiki levels and now desire to complete the Reiki Mastery training.

Kataka Gara

What is Reiki


This Online Video Course Includes

  • Reiki Practitioner Level 1
  • Reiki Practitioner Level 2
  • Reiki Practitioner Level 3
  • Reiki Certification
  • Reiki Attunments
  • 50 Videos for Easy Learning
  • 25 Downloadable Documents
  • 1 Year Kalkuna Membership

Reiki level 1

Reiki Level 1 is an initiation into Reiki, it is the beginning of opening the energy channels in the body to help you connect to universal energy, helping students to begin practicing self Reiki before moving on to healing others, here you will also learn about the history of Reiki..

Reiki 1

Videos Included

  • Intro into We Heal University
  • The Background of Master Kataka
  • What is Reiki and life force?
  • The Reiki degrees
  • The Reiki Kanji
  • The Precepts
  • The origins of Reiki
  • Kotodama: The lost teachings
  • Applying the Kotodama
  • The Kotodama revealed


  • Reiki PEMS
  • The healer defined
  • Guided Meditation: Meet your future self
  • Physics of energy and healing
  • Creating your healing energy space
  • Self treatment & the hand positions
  • The seven Chakras & Reiki
  • Reiki 1: Attunement
  • Reiki 1: Homework
  • Downloadable documents & charts

Reiki level 2

Reiki Level 2 is where you begin to learn how to practice Reiki on others, you will also receive the “Reiki symbols” and Level 2 attunement. Reiki 2 includes the ability to provide distance Reiki, or sending healing energy to individuals wherever they may be.

Reiki 2

Videos Included

  • Symbol one: Cho Ku Rei
  • Symbol two: Sei Heki
  • Symbol three: Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen
  • Personal preparation for the client session
  • Session protocal with your client
  • The three pillars
  • Byosen
  • The Reiki healing session
  • Using crystals with Reiki


  • Managing and treating pain
  • Reiki for animate and inanimate objects
  • Distance Reiki: Going the distance
  • Physics of energy and healing
  • Ethics of distance Reiki
  • Manifesting with Reiki: The power triangle
  • Reiki power sandwich
  • Reiki 2: Attunement
  • Downloadable documents & charts

Reiki level 3

Reiki Level 3 is considered the teacher’s level — meaning you have gathered enough energy and knowledge to train and attune new Reiki practitioners. Level 3 means you will become a Reiki Master at the highest level and can use your gifts to heal or train others…

Reiki 3

Videos Included

  • Symbol four: Dai Ko Mio
  • Symbol five: Raku
  • Symbol six: Kataka
  • Alternative symbol forms
  • Reiki lineage tree
  • Group Reiki Healing
  • Reiki client healing ethics
  • The attunement process demystified


  • The attunement one process
  • The attunement two process
  • The attunement three process
  • Reiki three attunement
  • Guided Meditation: Meet your Reiki Master
  • Reiki three homework
  • Downloadable documents & charts
  • Congratulations Reiki Master!


As a fellow Reiki Master/Healer I was delighted to receive a Reiki Hangs Healing Session from Reiki Master Kataka. We had the opportunity after this amazing healing session to compare notes and techniques on how we approach healing and teaching.  Kataka has a wonderful approach to teaching her Students in an effective and wonder-filled manner. She, like me, understands the value of teaching the traditional and nontraditional aspects of Reiki. She appreciates mulit-modality healing to optimize the experience of the client/student. I highly recommend Reiki Master Kataka if you are looking to take your healing craft to the next level.

Julie C., Reiki Master – Culver City, CA

What can I say? It works. I was at a very dark moment in my life where everything went downhill. I was lost and needed something to revive myself. I am a very open person.

When I came across We Heal University I had no idea what it was so I started reading up on it and it made more sense. I decided to give it a shot and Master Kataka was great. She is kind, warm, and very knowledgeable. She changed my life. I recommend this to anyone who needs to overcome some obstacles in life.

David N., Store Owner – San Jose, CA

I recently studied Reiki under Master Kataka and the experience has truly enriched my life. I was in a place where I wasn’t sure of where to go or what to do with my existence. I attended a We Heal University event and enjoyed learning a bit about Reiki – how it can heal yourself, others, and be an instrument to guide you through life. I completed the Reiki Mastery course with Master Kataka and I now see a difference in myself. I’m more confident, willing to take risks, have a better sense of how to take direction from the universe, and am able to be a better friend to others with healing and providing guidance. Reiki was the bridge to this calling.

Jenn A. Yoga Teacher/Reiki Master – West Hollywood, CA

Kataka is one of the most powerful energy healers I know (and I know many). Not to mention a phenomenal teacher. She’s got a strong internal strength and wisdom that shine through every healing session and class that she teaches. If you’re looking to change your life for the better, this will be one of the best investments – in yourself – that you could ever make! Work with her today, and watch your life change in beautiful ways!

Ariella F. Vocal Teacher – Minneapolis, MN

I don’t even know where to begin! Master Kataka is incredible. She has assisted in the expansion of my energy on so many levels. I first came to her, as a referral from a friend, for some healing sessions all of which were incredibly powerful, I decided then I would attain my reiki mastery. In the course, my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies were all fed to the fullest. I really am not sure that I am able to put the experience into words! With the attunements and all of the lessons, I have felt many energetic shifts… Some subtle, some very obvious… I adore Kataka and am filled with gratitude for all that she has taught me!

Gina S., Choreographer – North Hollywood, CA

Looking to take your life, your spirit, and your career to the next level??? Then look no further… Kataka is a profoundly intuitive healer with a HUGE bag of tools to help you awaken, heal and find the true light and bounty of life!!! Additionally, incorporation of Sound Vibrational Healing and Crystal Chakra Healing to the Ancient Power of Reiki make We Heal University the most unique and powerful Reiki School today. Thanks for all of the Love and Wisdom, Kataka!

Dr. Todd P. Acupuncturist – Boulder, CO.

Become A Reiki Master today!

Start your new career as a Reiki Master, earn up to $500 per session in this healing profession.

Reiki Certificate

  • Become a Reiki Master
  • Give the gift of healing
  • Start a new business helping others
  • Give sessions in person or online
  • Host online classes and events
  • Work on your own time schedule!

Take advantage of this offer and you will receive all this incredible content and bonuses:

  • Learn Reiki online at your own pace

  • Over 50 videos for easy learning

  • Learn Reiki 1, Reiki 2 and Reiki 3

  • 25 downloadable documents with charts

  • Reiki Mastery diploma and certification

  • Bonus #1 – 1 Year Membership to Kalkuna Island $97 Value

  • Bonus #2 –  Lifetime Membership to We Heal University

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